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Planet Guard

What exactly is green cleaning?

You hear a lot in the media about green this and green that, but what exactly is green cleaning? it's a cleaning process that uses solutions that are safe for the environment and, as a bonus, are safe for your family and pets.
Our Green Cleaning Package utilizes the Planet Guard line of professional carpet cleaning Products, including a pre-spray, degreaser and a cleaner/rinse. These products have undergone rigorous testing and development to ensure they are environmentally safe, and free of dangerous toxins and allergens.

Of course, no matter how concerned you are about the environment, when you’re paying to have your carpets cleaned, you expect outstanding results. That’s why after testing the available green products, our company chose Planet Guard. Planet Guard is safe AND it works.

Green cleaning products need more of their safer active ingredients to allow them to clean as well as non-green products with their more caustic chemical formulations. The result is environmentally healthier products that clean just as well, if not better than non-green products. We also chose Planet Guard because their focus goes beyond green cleaning to green manufacturing. Every process used to create Planet Guard products has a minimal lmpact on the surrounding air, water and land. Even their product containers are made from recycled materials and are designed to be recycled again after use. These products are manufactured and designed to clean with minimal environmental impact on the earth we all share. After all, what good is a green cleaning product if the way you manufacture it is harmful?

We urge you to consider our Green Clean Package for your next carpet cleaning service. It’s the right choice for your home, your family and our planet. We offer this service because we believe in it. It’s what we use in our own homes because we wouldn’t trust our families and our environment to anything else.

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